Welcome to the Bros Before Hozen guild page! Here you'll find our recruitment information, forums and much more.

Bros Before Hozen is a guild that was formed in October of 2013 amoungst four players; Episoul, Somniloquy, Lycøsa and Haunta.

The guild was formed between the four of us after we left our previous guild and decided to head in our own direction. The guild has quickly grown with friends from JGZ ft World, Smoke And Mirrors, Les Magnifiques, E X A L T E D, Desire and others helping us get it together.

We are NOW a 20 player raiding based guild with one team currently progressing through Highmaul 20 player normal / heroic. Many social / casual players also join us for our weekly normal runs on Saturdays & Sundays at 12:00pm AEST.

We are a cooperative bunch and will help you reach your full potential by doing things such as advising you on which gems to use, what enchants to get, what Garrison buildings to build etc. in a friendly manner. We will provide flasks, gems, potions and enchants for you if you're in our core 1 or core 2 team and will group with socials for heroic dungeons regularly to help you get gear!

If you want a friendly atmosphere with helpful players and a good sense of humour, Bros is for you!